What is Divestment and Why You Should Support It

What is #BrownUniversityDivest?

  • The recognition that Brown University’s investments are complicit in the suffering of Palestinians and Israel’s continued human rights violations.

  • Brown University students taking responsibility in examining what their university’s investments are and what effect they have on people’s lives within and outside of campus.

  • Students requesting the university to divest from companies that are involved in violent practices in Israel-Palestine and around the globe.

  • The call for greater transparency in our university’s investments, that are made without any student input.

 What is Divestment Not?

  • Claiming that the students organizing the #BrownUniversityDivest campaign are experts on Israel- Palestine

  • Proposing a political solution for the situation in Israel-Palestine

  • Attacking a particular community or group of people

Why You Should Support Divestment

1.    You believe that our university should not support unethical investments

Like numerous universities, Brown University profits off of investments in corporations that promote, perpetuate, and/or enact violence against individuals and communities around the globe. For example, we could be investing in companies that profit from mass incarceration in the US, arms and bombing equipment used against Yemeni civilians, and the unethical separation of immigrant children from their parents at the US-Mexico border. If you support divestment from unethical investments, you should support #BrownUniversityDivest.

2.    You are for corporate social responsibility

The companies and groups we have included in this handbook preserve and even aid Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians. In the company information section, you will find details on how exactly these groups enact violence against Palestinians. If you want the university to stop investing in these groups until they transform their practices, you should support #BrownUniversityDivest.

 3.    You want to show up for your peers who are affected

Envision what it is like for Palestinian students at Brown whose family and/or friends live in Israel or the occupied territories and face human rights violations on a daily basis. Realize that there are students and faculty members as well as their families who are affected by this.