Safariland manufactures weapons like this canister of “Riot Control” tear gas, used routinely on Palestinians, migrants at the US-Mexico border, and protestors at Ferguson. Owner and Brown alum, Warren Kanders, sits on the advisory council for the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and presents for the Brown Arts Initiative Lecture Series.



Caterpillar supplies Israel with construction equipment like this bulldozer to demolish Palestinian homes and build illegal settlements. Caterpillar construction equipment was used at Standing Rock and is used routinely by Brown.



Textron provides Israel with combat aircrafts used to launch weapons at Palestinian communities and transport Israeli troops like this V-22 Osprey helicopter.



HP creates and operates the technological infrastructure that Israel uses to systematically oppress Palestinians like the Basel system, an automated biometric control system implemented at checkpoints and the Apartheid Wall.


OakTree Capital

Oaktree is an investment firm which owns the major waste management contracts for the illegal Israeli settlements, enabling settler colonialism.

F-15E 9 Jan 2018.jpg


Boeing supplies Israel with F-15A fighter jets (pictured) and Apache AH 64 helicopters, both used in attacks on Gaza.



G4S has a stake in the Policity corporation, which operates the new Israeli National Police Academy near the city of Beit Shemesh. G4S and 3M together supply all electronic monitoring systems to prisons in Israel.



Motorola supplies the IDF with the Tadiran communication encryption systems for the Merkava battle tank and smartphones capable of encrypted calls, emails, and the ability to send and receive digital media and navigation capabilities and supports the settlements with radar-detector system in the occupied West Bank as a virtual fence to detect movement.


AB Volvo

AB Volvo wheel loaders were used to demolish houses in the Palestinian village of Umm al-Khayr Volvo track excavators and wheel loaders are used for house demolitions in the Palestinian neighborhoods of Tzur Baher, Silwan, Wadi Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah, Beit Hanina and Issawiya in East Jerusalem and the city of Lod.